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School Psychology: Resources


School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of both the psychology community and school community. In Nova Scotia, school psychologists typically have a graduate degree in School Psychology from Mount Saint Vincent University. Psychology is a regulated profession under the Nova Scotia Psychologists Act (2000) and the term “Psychologist” is a title protected by a law that governs the practice of psychology in Nova Scotia. School Psychologists are registered with the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP) who’s main goal is to protect the public by regulating practitioners of psychology in Nova Scotia.


Why do we need School Psychologists?

We all face difficulty from time to time. Some problems are short-term while others are more chronic. When children and adolescents struggle with learning, social relationships, managing emotions, or meeting expectations, school psychologists are ready resources who are able to bring their knowledge to help people understand and resolve issues. Our main goal is to ensure that all children and adolescents thrive both at home and school.

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What do School Psychologists do?

  • Conduct psychological and academics assessments

  • Conduct behavioural assessments

  • Provide individual and group counselling

  • Help families and schools understand children’s learning profiles and mental health needs

  • Recommend specific programming and/or adaptations based on assessment results

  • Assist families navigate the public school system 

  • Help families engage with teachers and school staff

  • Consult and collaborate with other professionals to best meet the needs of children and youth

  • Help adolescents transition to post-secondary institutions and community programs

  • Provide crisis intervention services

  • Monitor student progress in academics and behaviour

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